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This toolset exists to automatically generate a Hardware Compatibility
List from a given illumos workspace. On illumos-based system with a copy
of the illumos-gate which is pointed to by the environment variable
WS_ROOT, do the following:

 1) Update the makefile to point to a different gcc if necessary
 2) Run make
 3) Run ./parser $WS_ROOT/usr/src/pkg/manifests > hcl.html
 4) scp hcl.html illumos_header.png to your webserver of choice

Note that this currently contains copies of libraries and tools that are
slowly making their way into illumos. The libraries and files here are
not intended for use in any other environment and their construction is
clearly not ideal for any other use.

Licensing: Everything is under the CDDL, except the pci.ids database.
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