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RetroZilla 2.1

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@rn10950 rn10950 released this 13 Oct 05:34
· 84 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Updated default tab and security preferences
  • Disabled sidebar opening by default when searching from address bar
  • Added StartPage search engine
  • "? " from the urlbar initiates a Google Search
  • "?sp " from the urlbar initiates a StartPage Search
  • RetroZilla Home checks to see if a newer build is available
  • Various internal URLs have been updated to reflect current RetroZilla website

Bug Fixes

  • Copyright date on about:home updates dynamically.

Release Notes

Due to the long gap between the time RetroZilla was last worked on and now, We decided to release one last minor update before the work on Gecko begins. The new address bar search keywords may not work unless you have a new profile created after the release of RetroZilla 2.1. We also added an update notifier on the RetroZilla home page (about:home) to notify users that don't follow the MSFN threads that a new version is out.