This repo creates an environment host Wordpress on RedHat and Debian systems.
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Wordpresser - Wordpress installation using Nginx, Virtual Hosts, WP-CLI and Saltstack

Installs a LEMP server using Saltstack
  • Installs Nginx from Nginx's repository - Nginx Installation Link
  • Installs MySQL (5.5) on Debian-based OSes and Mariadb on RedHat-based OSes
  • Install PHP (PHP 5.6), and PHP-FPM, and copies a default info.php file to Nginx's default Document Root (/usr/share/nginx/html/)
  • Edits php.ini and www.conf
  • Configures Nginx's default configuration file (default.conf) to use PHP and PHP-FPM
  • changes SELinux to permissive on CentOS/RedHat variants
Wordpress Installation
  • Creates a new username (under /home)
  • Creates the necessary sub-directories under the user's home-directory (logs, public_html)
  • Creates a virtual host (under Nginx) for the new user
  • Downloads and installs wpcli (system-wide)
  • Uses wpcli to downloads and install Wordpress under /home/{username}/public_html
Examples used

Username: wptest
Document-Root: /home/wptest/public_html

  • Setup the top.sls file with the minions' names/hostnames
  • Copy the pillar file over to the pillar location
  • Run salt '*' state.apply
  • Edit the local hosts file to point the test domain ( in this case) to the Minion's IP
Expected output
  • Accessing the domain ( on the browser, using the minion's IP should yield a default Wordpress website.
  • Accessing the Admin page ( should allow you to log in using the WP credentials (admin/test123)

Tested on: Debian 8, Debian 9, CentOS 7
TODO: Test on Ubuntu variants