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RNA Bioscience Initiative

The RNA Bioscience Initiative hosts the Informatics Fellows program to facilitate the analysis of RNA sequencing data.


  1. Infer cell types in scRNA-seq data using bulk RNA-seq or gene sets

    R 70 15

  2. valr Public

    Genome Interval Arithmetic in R

    R 67 22

  3. Molecular tracking devices quantify in vivo antigen distribution and archiving

    HTML 2

  4. djvdj Public

    An R package to analyze single-cell V(D)J data

    R 6 2

  5. someta Public

    Inclusion of processed cell metadata improves single cell sequencing analysis reproducibility and accessibility

    R 6 2

  6. ggtrace Public

    ggplot2 geoms to outline groups of data points

    R 2


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