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This is a wrapper around RNCryptor for Titanium. It assists in correctly encrypting and decrypting data with AES. See the RNCryptor docs for full details.

There are several important caveats:

  • I don't actively support this wrapper anymore. Anyone interested in doing so, please contact me.

  • This wrapper requires CommonCryptor, which is specific to iOS. That means that it only works on iOS. This is not a cross-platform solution.

  • This wrapper is based on the synchronous form of RNCryptor. Trying to add asynchronous support is what made me give up on Titanium. Not because the JavaScript was difficult. Obviously JavaScript handles asynchronous operations just fine. It was the incredible pain of trying to develop and debug using Titanium Studio. If you're using Titanium to avoid learning ObjC, I assure you that ObjC is much, much simpler.

Given the above, I don't especially recommend this module. I don't really recommend Titanium at all, and particularlly don't recommend Titanium as an iOS-only development platform. But if using CommonCrypto is important to you, then this is an option. RNCryptor also optionally interoperates with OpenSSL, which can be useful (though OpenSSL is not a very secure format and I don't recommend it if you can avoid it).

For an excellent JavaScript-only implementation of AES, see the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library. Dan Boneh, who taught me much of what I know about crypto, is one of the authors. I highly recommend his crypto course, available for free through Coursera.