Utility scripts for Kerberos, KWallet, SSH, VPN Networking integration
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Utility KDE Scripts

This project contains various KDE scripts. They are for integrating KWallet with SSH and Kerberos automatically, to integrate Firefox downloads with Konsole and a configuration file for Yasp (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=109367). They have been tested on KDE 5 on Fedora F22.


  • The addSSHKeys.sh file should be placed (or a symbolic link made to it) within $HOME/.kde4/Autostart folder for KDE4. For KDE 5 the sample sshAdd.desktop should be appropriately editing and placed in $HOME/.config/autostart. It will automatically load all SSH keys on startup. Note that this has a dependency on ksshaskpass which may be installed using dnf install ksshaskpass.

  • The networkPostConfig.sh script is an example script that may be used to run events post network activation. By default it looks for a VPN tunnel connection and then runs kerberosKWallet.sh), logitech.sh and Xmodmap. To install this script either

    • Use KDE Notifications
      • Left click on the Network icon on the panel and click on 'Manage Connections'.
      • Click on 'Other' and 'Configure Notifications'
      • Scroll down to 'Network Connection Succeeded' and place a tick in 'Run Command'
      • Fill in the full path to this script.
    • Call it from the NetworkDispatcher by creating a simple script in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/99-networkPostconfig.sh, chmodded to 755 and containing:
       U=`w -hu | grep kdeinit5 | awk '{print $1}'`
       sudo su $U -c "DISPLAY=:0 /home/$U/bin/networkPostConfig.sh $1 $2"
    * Note that this is 'overloading' dispatcher.d; I am using it for more than just network events. The contents of _networkPostConfig.sh_ also contain references to _logitech.sh_ and _.Xmodmap_. Ideally they should be in a 'post-dock' script but as the docking interface seems flakely in recent Fedora/Thinkpads and I don't want to have to install acpi daemon this suffices.
       * http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Docking_Solutions
       * https://github.com/martin-ueding/thinkpad-scripts
       * https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/28968/detect-if-laptop-use-a-docking-station/
  • The kerberosKWallet.sh script provides integration between KWallet and Kerberos (specifically /usr/bin/kinit). It can be used to automatically 'obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting ticket' using passwords from KWallet. The path in KDE Wallet Manager is Passwords/KerberosWallet. (Note: You may have to create the KerberosWallet entry). Either place this inside $HOME/.kde4/Autostart (under KDE4) or utilise networkPostConfig.sh script as described above. This script should automatically ask for the password and if it does not already exist it will write one to that entry. Finally, it will call kinit with the password.

  • The konsoleDownload.sh script provides integration between Firefox using the FlashGot downloader and axel/aria2c to open up a new tab in a konsole session. This allows axel/aria2c to perform the downloads (which are much quicker) rather than the Firefox internal mechanism.

  • The .yasp_script is a configuration file for the Yasp plasma applet.

  • The logitech.sh is a configuration file to reset a Logitech mouse buttons.

  • The .Xmodmap is a configuration file for keybindings to reset the Caps Lock key so it behaves as follows:

    • Functions as Control key normally.
    • With Shift functions as Caps Lock.