simple secure chat with end to end encyption
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simple secure chat with end to end encyption


A simple and safe chat app using only php, css, js, and html. The application code is about 500 lines of Javascript and 150 of PHP, and with the libs included (sjcl, marked, rndme, js-sha3) about 5000 LOC. Designed to be easy to understand, distribute and customize, nadachat can be forked and branded, enjoyed online, or used as a starter for a more complicated secure application. As a web platform demo, nadachat uses window.crypto, Worker()s, <script integrity>, and CSP to stop XSS.


Download the zip and extract to a web folder on apache, or clone the repo to the same.

You should also run an hourly cron job on a shell script to clear conversations files older than an hour:

find /PATH/TO/nadachat/api/inbox -mmin +60 -type f -name "*.key"\
  -exec rm -f {} \;

Building (not needed to use)

If updating a JS lib or altering the _index template, you need to rebuild the application.

Once downloaded, run npm install to setup depends, and npm run build to re-generate SHA hash on _index/index.php.


Whether you're a designer, developer, technical writer, or cryptologist, you can likely make nadachat better for all. If you see something, say something; open an issue or whip up a pull request. Safety is the top priority above all else; don't contribute something that reduces safety. But if you can make it prettier, faster, smoother, more secure, or make these documentation pages more cogent, please don't be shy. This is a project the whole world should have a stake in.