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Game Boy port of Google Chrome's Dino browser game
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Dino Boy

A work-in-progress Nintendo Game Boy port of the Chromium Dino mini game

Note: The source code for the original Chromium version is available at:

If you'd like, run the following commands in bash for maximum fun!

echo "alias dino="make"" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Now you can start the game with a dino run command from the repository root, which is appropriate and overall fantastic. Some assembly is required, though (and not of the LR35902 kind). Basically, make sure to modify the Makefile so that everything under Directories and Binaries points to where it needs to. This assumes you have a GBDK installation up and running.

If you'd rather just compile it manually, use the GBDK compiler front-end, lcc, as follows (from the repository root):

lcc src/main.c -o

Then open the resulting file with your favorite emulator!

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