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Personal Twitter archiver using Node.js and SQLite
JavaScript PLpgSQL
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bin Remove node-lmdb, node-ipc from deps, and remove old lib/bin files us… Mar 24, 2017
cfg Changed a puzzling default config bug Sep 1, 2016
lib Rename follower table to followers Mar 24, 2017
migrations Rename follower table to followers Mar 24, 2017
proc So now that Twitter's all screw-you-streaming-API-users, don't start … Aug 18, 2018
test Changed 'times' param in *_config() to 'time' Mar 3, 2017
.gitignore Added test/data/ to .gitignore Mar 2, 2017
LICENSE.txt Initial commit, .gitignore and license Aug 11, 2016
package-lock.json Add package-lock.json, as is the current wont Aug 18, 2018
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