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KeysExport Viewer


KeysExport Viewer, or KEV for short because I'm lazy, is a viewer for the KeysExport.xml file available to MSDN subscribers. This file contains all of the serial numbers that they have generated or that have been generated for them.

It's very easy to download new versions of this file, but I'd rather not have to read through a bunch of XML if I'm trying to grab the right key to use on an install. Yes, I'm lazy. If it makes the situation any better, writing this little application also let me learn a few new things about C# and .NET that I hadn't had a chance to play with yet.


  • Displays each serial number for product keys
  • Displays HTML data where present in place of serial numbers

Future Goals

The one disadvantage KEV has to my previous system of a text file where I enter the keys I've used is that I can't make any notes in the document (and if I do, they'll be overwritten when I update the file). My one and only goal at the moment is to support adding comments, which will be saved to a separate file to ensure they still exist if a new XML file is downloaded.


This program is licensed under the MIT license.