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I spent a few semesters teaching labs as a graduate teaching assistant. In hopes that they might help someone either teaching similar content or learning these languages themselves, I've decided to put my lab assets (PowerPoints, PDFs, code, etc.) online.

The labs in this repo were designed to be presented alongside ample verbal explanation, examples, and so forth. They are not complete enough to where a person with no programming experience would likely be able to sit down with them and learn the covered languages.

CSE 101L

CSE 101 is the "Basics of Computer Science" class. It seemed over the semesters that most students expected to be learning how to use Office. Initially, it was a broad overview of computer science with a lot of fairly technical detail. Eventually, the class switched hands and my advisor took over. The first semester was a poor transitional period, but after that I was able to develop a real lab for it. The lecture was covering Alice, but since the lecture and lab were not co-dependent, I chose to teach Python. Most everyone came in with no programming experience and those in the lecture didn't have a huge advantage over those just taking the lab.

To switch it up a bit, there are also labs on HTML and PHP in this version. I'm unsure whether they exist in the missing semester's labs or not.

I'm fairly certain that I've lost a semester of material for this lab. The material still covers a variety of topics and may serve as a good basis for others.

CSE 150EFL Fortran

CSE 150E covered two languages, Fortran and Matlab. I was assigned the Fortran labs and taught them for quite a few semesters. It really isn't a bad language and worked fairly well as an intro programming class. As this is the latest version, all notes are PowerPoint slides.