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Where the #@&*'s My Bus?


This is a temporary, quick hack version of WTFMB.


  • Complete rewrite in Ruby, no more crashing node.js server (poor programming on our part; we really just want to get away from running a server for it)
  • A better icon for the bus
  • Direction support, rotating the bus icon to match the bus direction
  • Ability to zoom in and out on maps (JS if possible, else URL parameters)
  • Dynamic list of known routes; there is currently a static list of supported routes on the page, but we don't want this to be #LNK-specific.

Dinosaur Attack?

This project started as an entry in the 2011 Node Knockout. The event fell on a weekend that Nate had a lot going on so we didn't finish in time for the event, but we got it started. Their setup automatically creates a GitHub repository for each entry in the contest, and the name it gave us was dinosaur-attack. When we forked that repo to continue development on our own later, we liked the name and kept it.