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@@ -34,35 +34,54 @@ and the following keyword arguments:
`post` and `put` additionally have a `:body` argument, which must be an `HttpEntity`.
+The result of calling these functions is a map as follows:
+* The status code: `:code`
+* The reason phrase: `:reason`
+* The content (subject to transformation): `:content`
+* The Apache `Entity` associated with the request/response pair: `:entity`
+* The Apache `HttpClient` used for the request (which allows access to the cookie jar): `:client`
+* The response headers, a sequence of Apache `Header` objects: `:headers`
+Typically most of these can be ignored; `:code` and `:content` are the most important fields.
# Examples #
- (http/get "" :as :stream)
+ (select-keys (http/get "" :as :stream) [:code :reason :content])
- [200 "OK" #<EofSensorInputStream
- org.apache.http.conn.EofSensorInputStream@76d3e1>]
+ {:content #<EofSensorInputStream org.apache.http.conn.EofSensorInputStream@4ba57633>, :reason "OK", :code 200}
- (http/get ( "") :as :string)
+ (:content (http/get ( "") :as :string))
- [200 "OK" "<HTML>\r\n<HEAD>\r\n <TITLE>Example Web Page</TITLE>\r\n</HEAD> \r\n<body> \r\n<p>You have reached this web page by typing &quot;;,\r\n&quot;;,\r\n or &quot;; into your web browser.</p>\r\n<p>These domain names are reserved for use in documentation and are not available \r\n for registration. See <a href=\"\">RFC \r\n 2606</a>, Section 3.</p>\r\n</BODY>\r\n</HTML>\r\n\r\n"]
+ "<HTML>\r\n<HEAD>\r\n <TITLE>Example Web Page</TITLE>\r\n</HEAD> \r\n<body>…"
- (http/post "" :query {:q "frobnosticate"})
+ (:reason (http/post "" :query {:q "frobnosticate"}))
- [405 "Method Not Allowed" #<BasicManagedEntity
- org.apache.http.conn.BasicManagedEntity@2ae4fe>]
+ "Method Not Allowed"
- (http/get "" :query {:q "frobnosticate"})
+ (:code (http/get "" :query {:q "frobnosticate"}))
- [200 "OK" #<BasicManagedEntity org.apache.http.conn.BasicManagedEntity@9e7782>]
+ 200
# Keyword parameters #
You can use `:query`, `:headers`, `:parameters`, and `:as`. These are all maps except
for `:as`, which can be `:identity` (or `nil`), `:stream`, `:reader`, or `:string`. Define
your own by defining a method on '`entity-as`' that turns an `HttpEntity` into the
appropriate format.
+The `clj-mql` project defines an entity transformation method for JSON output, allowing
+requests like
+ (:content (http/get "" :as :json))
+ =>
+ {:transaction_id "cache;cache01.p01.sjc1:8101;2009-07-16T19:36:52Z;0006",
+ :status "200 OK", :relevance "OK", :graph "OK",
+ :code "/api/status/ok", :blob "OK"}
# Apache connection parameters #
You can pass a parameter map to the HTTP functions. This is used to set various

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