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Enhance processing of sequential query parameters. This could alter t…

…he behavior of client applications in some circumstances.
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Richard Newman Richard Newman
Richard Newman authored and Richard Newman committed Jul 25, 2009
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@@ -71,7 +71,19 @@ You can specify the format in which you wish to receive body content and
headers using the `:as` and `:headers-as` keyword arguments. See below for
+# Query parameters *
+Query parameters (as supplied to the `:query` argument) should be associative:
+either a map or a sequence of pairs. Parameters will be processed with
+`as-str`. Non-sequential values will also be processed with `as-str`;
+sequential values (such as vectors) will be turned into multiple query
+parameters, as expected by most HTTP servers. For example:
+ (encode-query {:foo "bar" :baz ["noo" 5 true] :top {:x 5 :y 7}})
+ =>
+ "foo=bar&baz=noo&baz=5&baz=true&top=%7B%3Ax+5%2C+%3Ay+7%7D"
# Examples #
(:content (http/get ( "") :as :string))
@@ -33,10 +33,24 @@
(str x)))
(defn- map->name-value-pairs
- "Take an associative structure and return a sequence of BasicNameValuePairs."
+ "Take an associative structure and return a sequence of BasicNameValuePairs.
+ Any associated value that is sequential will appear multiple times in the output, so that
+ {:foo [\"bar\" \"baz\"]}
+ will produce pairs that encode to
+ ?foo=bar&foo=baz"
- (map (fn [[param value]]
- (new BasicNameValuePair (as-str param) (as-str value)))
+ (mapcat
+ (fn [[param value]]
+ (if (and (sequential? value)
+ (not (empty? value)))
+ (map (partial (fn [#^String p v]
+ (new BasicNameValuePair p (as-str v)))
+ (as-str param))
+ value)
+ [(new BasicNameValuePair (as-str param) (as-str value))]))
(defn encode-query [q]

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