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Weave/Sync client in Clojure.
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clj-weave is a native Clojure client for the Weave 1.0 Sync API.

For now it only implements the GET-based consumption part of the API. (Go easy: it was written in four hours!)

Quick Start

clj-weave uses Leiningen to manage dependencies. To get the source and dependencies such that you can run it:

$ git clone
$ cd clj-weave
$ lein deps

Alternatively, add it to your Leiningen project file, and allow lein to add it to your dependencies:

[weave/weave "0.0.1"]

How it works

A layer of functions take explicit username, URL, and password inputs:

  • weave-collections-timestamps
  • weave-collections-counts
  • weave-collections
  • weave-usage
  • weave-collection
  • weave-object

A layer on top of this expects these arguments to be implicit, allowing you to concern yourself with only the important inputs:

  • collections-timestamps
  • collections-counts
  • collections
  • usage
  • collection
  • object

A macro with-weave provides these inputs. (You can also alter the var roots directly: take a look at the code if you want to do this.)

Finally, the function decrypt-payload exists to do exactly that (remember, a Sync server stores your information encrypted with your private key).

decrypt-payload takes an optional map of decryption input — your passphrase, your private key (as a byte array), or a map from bulk URLs to keys. It returns an augmented map as its second return value, which allows you to avoid redundant fetches of keys in subsequent requests: this map will include your private key and the fetched bulk URLs.


Here's an example REPL session, showing me fetching some of my current tabs, and listing collections.

user=> (require ['weave.core :as 'weave])                                                                                                  

user=> (weave/with-weave ["holygoat" "PaSsWoRd"]
(:crypto :history :forms :clients :prefs :meta :passwords :keys :bookmarks :tabs)

user=> (weave/with-weave ["holygoat" "PaSsWoRd"]
  (weave/collection :tabs {:limit 5}))     

user=> (weave/with-weave ["holygoat" "PaSsWoRd"]
  ;; Fetch the object that represents my open tabs.
  (let [p (:payload (weave/object :tabs "yR)o!!HbXX"))]

    ;; Decrypt the payload. We discard auth here, but you can reuse it.
    (let [[o auth] (weave/decrypt-payload p {:passphrase "Pass Phrase Goes Here"})]

      ;; `o` is a JSON object. Here we're pulling out the titles of each tab.
      (take 3 (map :title (:tabs o))))))
("Labs/Weave/Sync/1.0/API - MozillaWiki" "Open Source Profilers in Java - JMP" "Open Web Fund")
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