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Clojure client for RabbitMQ (AMQP)


lein deps && lein jar

If you are using it as a library within your project using lein: add [clojure-rabbitmq "0.2.1"] to the dependencies list in your project.clj


(ns rabbitmq-publisher-test
   (:require [org.clojars.rabbitmq :as rabbitmq]))

(defonce conn-map {:username "guest"
                   :password "guest"
                   :host "localhost"
                   :port 5672
                   :virtual-host "/"
                   :type "direct"
                   :exchange "sorting-room"
                   :queue "po-box"
                   :durable true
                   :routing-key "<somekey>"})
(def c (ref 0))

(defonce connection (connect conn-map))

(let [[conn channel] connection]
    (rabbitmq/bind-channel conn-map channel)
    (println "rabbitmq publishing:" (format "message%d" @c))
    (rabbitmq/publish conn-map channel (format "message%d" @c))))

Also See example/publisher.clj and example/consumer.clj for usage.

To test connection to the rabbitmq server, run: example/test-connection.clj

To test publishing of messages, run: example/publisher.clj


(rabbitmq/connect connection-map) -> [connection channel]
(rabbitmq/bind-channel connection-map channel) -> bool
(rabbitmq/publish connection-map channel message) -> bool

(rabbitmq/consume-wait connection-map channel) -> message
(rabbitmq/consume-poll connection-map channel) -> message

(rabbitmq/disconnect connection channel)

Note: The consumer part of the client and other utils are still under development