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Robert Newson
Robert Newson committed Feb 14, 2009
1 parent ad9096f commit 490ae39014f261e657232c7d60f1871dc4c03462
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@@ -55,7 +55,8 @@ return values is a JSON array of _id, _rev and sort_field values (the latter onl
To develop "live", type "mvn dependency:unpack-dependencies" and change the external line to something like this;
-fti=/usr/bin/java -cp /path/to/couchdb-lucene/target/classes:/path/to/couchdb-lucene/target/dependency org.apache.couchdb.lucene.Main
+fti=/usr/bin/java -cp /path/to/couchdb-lucene/target/classes:\
+/path/to/couchdb-lucene/target/dependency org.apache.couchdb.lucene.Main
You will need to restart CouchDB if you change couchdb-lucene source code but this is very fast.
@@ -72,5 +73,8 @@ couchdb-lucene respects several system properties;
You can override these properties like this;
-fti=/usr/bin/java -D couchdb.lucene.dir=/tmp -cp /home/rnewson/Source/couchdb-lucene/target/classes:/home/rnewson/Source/couchdb-lucene/target/dependency org.apache.couchdb.lucene.Main
+fti=/usr/bin/java -D couchdb.lucene.dir=/tmp \
+-cp /home/rnewson/Source/couchdb-lucene/target/classes:\

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