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Added another example of valid format for date string in `date` field…

… types

See commit `7f4e703cb02a309221981943da912803be2ef24e` which introduced the
freeform "January 6, 1972 16:05:00" format.

The "1972/1/6 16:05:00" format is presumably more compatible
with various platforms and easier to return from `strftime()`.
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commit b4e054e0eff3b06d0ac288a3e7ca49e274508a21 1 parent 0aab10c
@karmi karmi authored committed
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@@ -208,6 +208,7 @@ doc.add("value");
doc.add(35, {"type":"int"});
// Add a date field.
+doc.add(new Date("1972/1/6 16:05:00"), {"type":"date"});
doc.add(new Date("January 6, 1972 16:05:00"), {"type":"date"});
// Add a date field (object must be a Date object
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