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Merge pull request #218 from emig/update/readme

add default value for 'limit' request param
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commit d4f641229e058f0e28869176554bb5b147a5915d 2 parents bb9e4e5 + 3978049
@rnewson authored
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@@ -439,7 +439,7 @@ The following parameters can be passed for more sophisticated searches;
<dt>include_fields</dt><dd>By default, <i>all</i> stored fields are returned with results. Use a comma-separate list of field names with this parameter to refine the response</dd>
<dt>highlights</dt><dd>Number of highlights to include with results. Default is <i>0</i>. This uses the <i>fast-vector-highlighter</i> plugin.</dd>
<dt>highlight_length</dt><dd>Number of characters to include in a highlight row. Default and minimum is <i>18</i>.</dd>
-<dt>limit</dt><dd>the maximum number of results to return</dd>
+<dt>limit</dt><dd>the maximum number of results to return. Default is <i>25</i>.</dd>
<dt>q</dt><dd>the query to run (e.g, subject:hello). If not specified, the default field is searched. Multiple queries can be supplied, separated by commas; the resulting JSON will be an array of responses.</dd>
<dt>skip</dt><dd>the number of results to skip</dd>
<dt>sort</dt><dd>the comma-separated fields to sort on. Prefix with / for ascending order and \ for descending order (ascending is the default if not specified). Type-specific sorting is also available by appending the type between angle brackets (e.g, sort=amount&lt;float&gt;). Supported types are 'float', 'double', 'int', 'long' and 'date'.</dd>
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