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Dublin Core feature example missing #128

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I'm trying to take advantage of the dublin core functionality, but there isn't an example for this in the wiki, the docs say:

All Dublin Core attributes are indexed and stored if detected in the attachment.

What does this means? Should we add the attributes to the attachment in the db like:

   "_id": "0069be6d-98ac-4d91-818e-4f5d40e6a9ec",
   "_rev": "1-6f7371307ea1b3bcdd1b4a5205f4ab9f",
   "attachmentId": "3fbf75ca-9d45-4aa5-96eb-0bc56e1f650b",
   "name": "all_star.png",
   "type": "document",
   "_attachments": {
       "3fbf75ca-9d45-4aa5-96eb-0bc56e1f650b": {
           "content_type": "image/png",
           "revpos": 1,
           "length": 112157,
           "stub": true,
           "_dc.creator": "Converse"

Or in the index function like (assuming the creator attribute exists in the couchdb document):

if (doc._attachments) {
    for (var i in doc._attachments) {
        ret.attachment('default', i);
        ret.add(doc.creator, { 'field': '_dc.creator');

And once they are indexed and stored, how can you query by them?

Thank you very much, and sorry if this doesn't belong here.


The document in couchdb is not altered by couchdb-lucene. The additional fields are in the Lucene index only. Please reopen if you find that is not the case. :)

@rnewson rnewson closed this

The question is basically how do you get couchdb-lucene to put those additional fields in the index and once in the index how do you query by them?
For example, if you try this you get an error:


couchdb-lucene will add it if Tika detects metadata from your attachments.

What error do you get for that query?


I'm sorry for not making myself clear, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

How should I format/create my attachment in order to have the couch db values in it, I tried this: but it didn't work. Could you please provide a sample attachment?

The error goes like this:

reason: "Bad query syntax: Cannot parse '_dc.title:Expressing Dublin Core': Field '_dc.title' not recognized."
code: 400

I tried using other fields that don't exist like:
And I get an empty result set as usual.


I see where the confusion is. You don't specify this yourself at all. Apache Tika will detect this data when it indexes your attachments. If it finds a 'title' in a PDF, say, it will add _dc.title for you. It can then be searched as normal, unless there's a bug. This is probably the least used feature of couchdb-lucene, even though I think it's really cool.


Indeed, _ and . were not allowed in field names, so the _dc.title wasn't searchable. Fixed now.


Thank you very much, regards.

@mmm444 mmm444 pushed a commit to mmm444/couchdb-lucene that referenced this issue
Robert Newson allow _ and . in field names. (closes #128) 9460025
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