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pwde commented Mar 7, 2012

Hello Robert,

first, thanks for couchdb-lucene. We used couchdb and couchdb-lucene for the last 6 month.

But I run into a strange issue when using lucene-fiels with dash AND without wildcards:

curl -X GET
{"reason":"Bad query syntax: Cannot parse 'attr-with-dash:value': Field 'attr-with-dash' not recognized.","code":400}

When include a wildcard, then I got the result:

curl -X GET*

Using lucene-fileds without dashes, I got the expected results:

curl -X GET

The related doc:
"_id": "04b861b48b6fe810931ff34ec4be3577",
"_rev": "5-ab29da369465b362a76c5aa16e755162",
"template": "test-search",
"attr": {
"attrWithoutDash": [
"attr-with-dash": [

The search function:
function(doc) {
var ret = new Document();
if (doc.attr) {
for (var aname in doc.attr) {
var values = doc.attr[aname];
for (var i=0; i<values.length; i++) {
ret.add(values[i], {'field':aname});
return ret;

May be I do something wrong...

Best regards,


rnewson commented Mar 7, 2012

It's a bug. There's some post-processing for term queries (your "foo", but not your "foo*") that examines the field name, looking for the type ("foo", for example). That examination does not expect dashes in the field name. I can easily fix that.

pwde commented Mar 7, 2012

a fix would be great. :-)

rnewson closed this in 3f20378 Mar 7, 2012

pwde commented Mar 7, 2012

thanks. successfully verified.


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