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External hook: JSON library linking #68

sbisbee opened this Issue August 03, 2010 · 0 comments

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Sam Bisbee
Sam Bisbee

I found on Debian that when you have both the python-json and python-simplejson packages installed that the external hook script will fail to send proper JSON to CouchDB. Uninstalling python-json fixed this problem. I assume that python was getting confused as to which library to use, or some such behavior, but I don't have enough python knowledge to say.

This is a snippet of the error I saw in the CouchDB logs:

** When Server state == {"fti",
"/usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/couchdb-lucene-0.5.0/tools/couchdb",

** Reason for termination ==
** {bad_return_value,{os_process_error,{exit_status,1}}}

I have no idea whether this applies to other distros, but assume it would happen in Ubuntu and other Debian spawns. Additional/optional reading on my blog:


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