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Simple Lua Entity Framework using tags. emma is a way to organize objects (as classes using middleclass) and perform operations on them without having to manually keep track of instantiated objects. This is intended for use in a game engine.

See main.lua for a full example that will run in löve. This framework should technically work in an lua environment, but I happen to like löve.


-- place wherever you need it
local emma = require ''

(You may have to change/remove the require to 'middleclass' in emma.lua if you are using the library already and have another place/version.)

All entities that you create and wish to use with emma must extend the included 'Entity' class. e.g.: Person = class('Person', Entity)

Entity includes 3 functions that aren't required, but are helpful. start() -- called once on instantiation of the object update(dt) -- intended to be used with Emma.update draw() -- intended to be used with Emma.draw By default, these functions don't do anything.


middle class also enables the use of mixins. See their documentation (or main.lua) for example usage.

Available functions:

Adds a class to the Entity pool with the given tags. The class can be instantiated after this.
@param string class - class name that is subclassed from Entity
@param table tags - list of string tags that categorize this class (required)
Emma.addEntity(class, tags)

Instantiates and returns a new instance of the given class. The instance is cached and will be reused 
after Emma.destroy is called
@param string class - class name that is subclassed from Entity and has been added to the Entity Pool
@param ... - passthrough variables to class constructor
@return instance
Emma.instantiate(class, ...)

Returns a table with all instances with the given tags
@param table tags - list of string tags
@return table - list of active instances with those tags

Given an instance, sets it to inactive
@param instance - instance to destroy
function Emma.destroy(instance)

Calls update on the matching instances
@param number dt - delta time
@param table tags - list of string tags
function Emma.update(dt, tags)

Calls draw on the matching instances
@param table tags - list of string tags
function Emma.draw(tags)


Simple Lua Entity Framework using tags






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