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// ------------- UDP
fun mkudp ipsrc ipdst portsrc portdst content=
let strcatlist
nil -> udp in
strputword udp 8+2 28+strlen content;
strputword udp 8+20 portsrc;
strputword udp 8+22 portdst;
strputword udp 8+24 8+strlen content;
strputchk udp 8+10 netChk udp 8 20 0;
strputchk udp 8+26 netChk udp 8+20 (8+strlen content) netChk udp 8+24 2 netChk "\0\17" 0 nil netChk udp 8+12 8 0;
fun udpSend2 mac udp=
// Secho ">u";
// dump udp;
netSend udp 0 nil (/*MACecho*/ mac /*0 1*/) 0 1;;
fun udpsend local localp dst dstp content mac=
let mkudp local dst localp dstp content -> udp in
if mac!=nil then udpSend2 mac udp
else let dst -> ip in // ajouter le test de passerelle
arpreq ip fixarg2 #udpSend2 udp;;
var ludp;;
fun remudp l port=
if l!=nil then let hd l ->[p _] in if p==port then remudp tl l port else (hd l)::remudp tl l port;;
fun regudp port cb=
set ludp=[port cb]::remudp ludp port;;
fun unregudp port=
set ludp=remudp ludp port;;
fun resetudp= set ludp=nil;;
fun cbnetudp src mac=
Secho "<u";
let Iecholn strgetword src 8+20+2 -> locp in
let listswitch ludp locp -> cb in
call cb [strsub src 8+20+8 nil mac strsub src 20 4];;
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