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Dave Brink's arduino loader put into a processing Library
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This processing library uploads sketches to your Arduino by using java. No dependencies on avrdude etc. This comes very handy if you want to include sketchupload into your processing app (e.g. updating the firmware). So users donÄt have to uses the Arduino IDE anymore - nice!

The code was originally written by Dave Brink (davebrink at see his releases here:

with that, the Arduino bootloader can even be optimized, David includes the sources here:

right now it works for me successfully on ATmega168, but not for ATmega328. I'll investigate further on that..


see exmaples/Loader.pde basically it's just one line, given .hex fiel (compiled Arduino sketch), portName, baudRate and pageSize

ArduinoLoader.upload( hexFile, portName, baudRate, pageSize);

Have Fun!

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