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Gives access to Webmaster Tools Interface data programmatically which is not provided by the official API
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Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools extends the official API to give programmatically access to various crawl information and functions which are available via the webinterface

The Google Webmaster Tool API is very limited and provides only a little subset of data available via the webinterface. By making use of mechanize, Webmaster Tools gives access to crawl_info, crawl_errors, crawl_stats and allows to submit url removal request (up to 1000 per day)


Simple usage case to get error counts

require 'webmaster_tools'

client =<username>, <password>)

pp client.crawl_error_counts(<url>)


Depends on mechanize to access the webinterface


We'll check out your contribution if you:

  • Provide a comprehensive suite of tests for your fork.
  • Have a clear and documented rationale for your changes.
  • Package these up in a pull request.

We'll do our best to help you out with any contribution issues you may have.


Arthur D'Antonio III


The license is included as LICENSE in this directory.

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