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Hangman Game
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Hangman Game

To play the Hangman Game:

  1. User press on any key to guess the current word letter by letter.

  2. User will have 20 guesses.

  3. New game will start if remaining guesses down to 0.

  4. If all letters are matched then Band Name, Song Title, Album Cover Image will show on the left box, and song track will play. Also, new game will be generated.

  • uh-oh sound will play if user presses any key that already in the "Letters already Guessed"

Technical details: Hangman-Game contains one index.html and one assets forlder which contains css, js, images and sounds folders.

index.html uses bootstrap framework, style.css for layout and google fonts.

style.css contains all custom css styling.

game.js contains all javascript functions for the game.

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