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+GradeSheet has been designed to give teachers all the tools they need to record
+student grades. It is web based to make it easily accessible to everyone.
+Students and parents can log into the system to check on their grades and even
+communicate with their teacher(s).
+Helpful links
+* <b>Repository:</b>
+* <b>Live example:</b>
+* <b>Bugs / feature suggestions:</b>
+* <b>Professional support:</b>
+* Ruby 1.8 (working on moving to v1.9)
+* Rails 2.3.5
+* Dependencies (aka Rails plugins):
+* will_paginate[] - Most awesome pagination system for Ruby
+* Authlogic[] - A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.
+* validates_existence[] - Rails plugin that provides a validates_existence_of method for ActiveRecord models to check existence of records referenced by belongs_to associations.
+* validates_date_time[] - Rails plugin that provides an easy way to validate dates and times
+* livepipe_ui[] - A suite of high quality widgets and controls for web 2.0 applications built using the Prototype JavaScript Framework.
+* Prawn[] - PDF framework for report generation
+* Prawn-Layout[] - An extension to Prawn offering table support, grid layouts and other things.
+* Prawn-Format[] - An extension to the Prawn PDF generation library that allows you to use HTML-ish tags
+This is a typical Ruby on Rails project and it is installed just like any other RoR
+project. Since most of the development/testing is done on Debian & Ubuntu, it
+will be simpler to get up and running if you are using one of those OSs. However,
+it should run on any system that runs Rails.
+1. Get the source code (
+2. Add the dependencies noted in the Requirements section
+3. Modify <tt>database.yml</tt> to point to your database
+4. Run <tt>rake db:migrate</tt> to create the database schema
+5. Run <tt>rake fixtures:load</tt> to load the test data
+6. Run <tt>rake db:seed</tt> to load a bootstrap admin user
+7. Run <tt>./script/server</tt> to start the development web server
+8. Fire up your web browser and point it to http://localhost:3000
+9. Log in as <tt>admin</tt> with a password of <tt>password</tt> and enjoy!
+Building Documentation
+Gradesheet is documented using the standard, built-in RDoc system. To build
+the documentation with the just run the command:
+ rake doc:app
+However, to build better looking documentation you might want to use this command:
+ rake doc:app_horo
+which uses the Horo template and results in documentation that is much easier
+on the eyes.
+Currently, Gradesheet tests are written using the standard, built-in test framework.
+However, RSpec looks very attractive and when I get a bit more time I might move
+them over to that. In the meantime, just use the standard Rails testing commands
+to run the test (<tt>rails test:units</tt>, etc.)
+I've just been turned on to Webrat[]
+and am very impressed with it and all of the integration tests (or the majority of them)
+will be soon converted to it. So, if you want to run the full test suite, you'll
+have to install the Webrat gem.
+Performance testing is being implemented with the excellent JMeter[] package. This project
+uses Authlogic for user authentication and I have had no end of trouble trying to get
+some performance numbers out of the system. However, a little time spent with JMeter
+has gotten me a least a little way toward being able to measure the speed of the system.
+This is becoming ever more important as the design solidifies and the optimization begins.
+Professional Support & Maintenance
+If your interested in using Gradesheet in your school but don't want to install
+and maintain it yourself, consider using a KangarooBox[]
+server appliance running Kookaburra[]
+(the commercial version of Gradesheet).
+Legal Information
+Author:: Richard Hurt
+Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2008-2010 KangarooBox, LLC
+License:: GPL-2. See LICENSE file in this directory.

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