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# Show more verbose log output (sets INFO log level output)
verbose = False
# Show debugging output in logs (sets DEBUG log level output)
debug = False
# Which backend store should Keystone use by default.
# Default: 'sqlite'
# Available choices are 'sqlite' [future will include LDAP, PAM, etc]
default_store = sqlite
# Log to this file. Make sure you do not set the same log
# file for both the API and registry servers!
log_file = keystone.log
# List of backends to be configured
backends = keystone.backends.sqlalchemy
#For LDAP support, add: ,keystone.backends.ldap
# Dictionary Maps every service to a header.Missing services would get header
# X_(SERVICE_NAME) Key => Service Name, Value => Header Name
service-header-mappings = {
'nova' : 'X-Server-Management-Url',
'swift' : 'X-Storage-Url',
'cdn' : 'X-CDN-Management-Url'}
# Address to bind the API server
# TODO Properties defined within app not available via pipeline.
service_host =
# Port the bind the API server to
service_port = 5000
# Address to bind the Admin API server
admin_host =
# Port the bind the Admin API server to
admin_port = 35357
#Role that allows to perform admin operations.
keystone-admin-role = Admin
#Role that allows to perform service admin operations.
keystone-service-admin-role = KeystoneServiceAdmin
#Tells whether password user need to be hashed in the backend
hash-password = True
# SQLAlchemy connection string for the reference implementation registry
# server. Any valid SQLAlchemy connection string is fine.
# See:
sql_connection = sqlite:///keystone.db
backend_entities = ['UserRoleAssociation', 'Endpoints', 'Role', 'Tenant',
'User', 'Credentials', 'EndpointTemplates', 'Token',
# Period in seconds after which SQLAlchemy should reestablish its connection
# to the database.
sql_idle_timeout = 30
pipeline =
pipeline =
paste.app_factory = keystone.server:service_app_factory
paste.app_factory = keystone.server:admin_app_factory
paste.filter_factory = keystone.middleware.url:filter_factory
paste.filter_factory = keystone.frontends.legacy_token_auth:filter_factory
paste.filter_factory = keystone.contrib.extensions.service.raxkey.frontend:filter_factory