Unreal engine plugin for capturing stereo panoramas
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StereoPano plugin for Unreal Engine 4

This is fixed clone of Experimental StereoPanorama plugin for UE 4.11. Provides console command to capture 360 Stereo Panorama in spherical format. Result is two png images.

This version works with UE 4.10 and supports fading stereo effect for vertical top and bottom.


  1. Copy plugin into Plugins folder under you new C++ project or existing.
  2. Compile project


  1. Copy compiled plugin into Plugins forlder under you Project folder (BP or C++)
  2. Run project
  3. Ensure that you have PlayerController. Move it to point where you want to capture.
  4. Start project in Editor with Play
  5. Open Output Window in Editor. Options are available with prefix SP., main command is SP.PanoramicScreenshot
  6. Wait (with one degree step for horizontal and verticcal can took about 2 hours)
  7. Find Left_00000.png and Right_00000.png in %PROJECT_PATH%/Saved/Screenshots/Windows/%DATE%/

##Authors Authors of original plugin are Kite & Lightning