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Emacs major mode for screenwriting in Fountain plaintext markup
Emacs Lisp
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Fountain Mode


Fountain Mode aims to be a full-featured screenwriting environment for GNU Emacs using the Fountain markup format. For more information on the Fountain markup format, visit


Pictured: Big Fish by John August in Fountain Mode (using wombat theme and running Imenu-list and Olivetti minor modes)


  • Support for most of the Fountain 1.1 specification (scene numbers and dual dialog are forthcoming)
  • Auto-align elements for a kind of WYSIWYG (display only, does not modify file contents)
  • Integration with outline to toggle visibility of sections and scenes
  • Export to HTML and PDF (PDF export requires Prince)
  • Include or omit a title page
  • Navigate by scene heading
  • Emphasis (bold, italic, underlined text)
  • Toggle visibility of emphasis delimiters and syntax characters
  • Multiple levels of syntax highlighting for all elements
  • Add/remove automatic "(CONT'D)" to successively speaking characters
  • Automatic "(MORE)" and "(CONT'D)" when breaking dialog across pages in PDF output
  • Templates for inserting synopses, notes and metadata
  • Support for both official and legacy commenting (boneyard) syntax
  • Integration with imenu (Sections, Scene Headings, Notes)
  • Navigator (using occur) for section headings, synopses, notes and scene headings
  • everything is customizable, of course

The following features are not yet supported:

  • scene numbers
  • dual dialog

Most common features are accessible from the menu. For a full list of functions and key-bindings, type C-h m.

See the Wiki on GitHub for ways to extend Fountain Mode.


  • Emacs 24.4
  • s.el, the long lost Emacs string manipulation library.
  • Exporting to PDF requires Prince, which is free for personal use. Prince adds a removable PDF annotation on the first page; if you don't like it, delete the annotation in a PDF application that supports editing annotations, or open the PDF and print to PDF, which will remove all annotations.
  • If you want to use UUIDs (useful for using notes as linked bookmarks) you'll need either uuidgen CLT (usually preinstalled on OS X and Linux) or uuid.el Emacs package.


For users on OS X with no experience with Emacs, see the Absolute Beginner's Guide (OS X).

Fountain Mode is available through MELPA and MELPA-stable. I encourage installing the stable version.

Alternately, download the latest release, move the files into your load-path and add the following line to your .emacs or init.el file:

(require 'fountain-mode)

If you want to use the develop branch (not recommended) to stay on the bleeding-edge, clone the repository in your load-path and require as above:

git clone

To load Fountain Mode whenever you open a .fountain file, also add the following:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.fountain$" . fountain-mode))


There are six possible levels of outline subtrees. Section headings count as the first five levels and scene headings count as the sixth level, e.g.:

# section level 1
## section level 2
### section level 3
#### section level 4
##### section level 5
###### invalid section level

An obese man (40s) with a large mustard stain on his shirt exits the
elevator. He holds a hotdog.

Cycle subtree visibility with TAB. Cycle global outline visibility with <backtab> (shift-TAB) or C-u TAB. More navigation and structure editing commands are:

  • C-c C-f fountain-outline-forward
  • C-c C-b fountain-outline-backward
  • C-c C-n fountain-outline-next
  • C-c C-p fountain-outline-previous
  • C-c C-u fountain-outline-up
  • C-c C-v fountain-outline-shift-down
  • C-c C-^ fountain-outline-shift-up
  • C-c C-SPC fountain-outline-mark

Bugs and Feature Requests

Raise an issue on the Issues page on GitHub, or simply send an email to the mailing list:


See Milestones on GitHub.


See Releases on GitHub.

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