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Assets 2


  • Export to LaTeX, HTML, Final Draft, Fountain or your very own custom formats
  • Huh? Why export Fountain? See #33
  • Separation of the LaTeX template project and the HTML template project
  • Skip the Lisp export entirely and use fountain-export-shell command with 'afterwriting or TextPlay or whatever you like
  • New parsing engine reads Fountain text into Lisp data for further magic
  • New export engine allows much faster export—to virtually any format
  • Choice of export to standalone document or a snippet
  • Template replace function system allows adding your own keys to templates, e.g. add ("email" (lambda nil user-mail-address)) to fountain-additional-template-replace-functions and all instances of ${email} in template will be replaced with your email
  • All export templates are totally customizable

Not just screenplays

  • Auto-align elements to different columns for different formats (e.g. screenplay or stageplay), just include format: stageplay or whatever in your metadata
  • Action is now a first-class element that can be auto-aligned (like, for stageplays)

n.b. the export templates are really geared towards screenplays, so if you're a playwright and feel lost please get in touch and we'll see what we can do

New abilities

  • Scene numbers optionally align to the right margin
  • fountain-upcase-line with C-c C-c (fountain-continued-dialog-refresh is moved to C-c C-d)
  • Prefix fountain-upcase-line or fountain-upcase-line-and-newline with C-u to make insert . at the beginning to make a forced scene heading
  • Terminal-friendly key map
  • Align the title page contact info to the left or right

Better existing abilities

  • imenu regular expression now show section heading prefixes (e.g. # act II instead of act II)
  • fountain-mark-scene now excludes marking a following outline heading
  • For those writers who like to include blank lines within dialogue, you should be golden
  • It should now be impossible to get into an endless loop

Removing the cruft

  • Removed reliance on Prince for PDF export (use LaTeX instead)
  • Reduced reliance on s.el (soon to be removed as dependancy) (now removed as dependency)
  • Removed fountain-uuid and related variables
  • Title page templates now only use a single contact box instead of a left and right

Notes on upgrading

As this is a major version upgrade, some backwards compatibility is lost. I've tried to document this as much as possible here: Upgrading From 1.x to 2.0. If you have any trouble, please raise an issue.