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A personal site, at I'm talking about what I'm building and learning as I do so.
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Ronnie Brown,

Site is built on Github Pages, and hosted at

Rough plan for the site

I've had lots of personal sites in the past:,, being the main ones. All of them were basic blogs. Handmade CMSs, that kind of thing. For a long time now, I've wanted to have a proper online presence, and I've regularly created and hosted Wordpress sites, but rarely posted.

So, this is the new plan., hosted via Github Pages. A static site that will grow as I learn. Because here's the thing. I'm a web developer in name only, these days. It's been a long time since I've produced much of note (a recent work site being the exception - I manage people these days, but I'm determined to hone my dev skills and this is where we start.

This will be a learning by doing type of site. This site will evolve and we start with version 0.0.1, informally called, Rusty.

Version history

0.0.1 Rusty

A note for future Ronnie: Gatsby's setup but the deploy page is set in the /public folder. For now, I'm keeping the static site until some of the items below are resolved.

  • fx ul li styles
    • ultimately, I pulled the todo list from the homepage and placed it here
  • get to point to github pages
  • decide on platform. wordpress? static gatsby?
  • gulp? scss? need to get these setup
  • webpack? gulp, scss etc.
  • start writing stuff
  • add socials
  • style socials
  • create a design system (of sorts)
  • name this version and create a full list of items I want in it
  • post 10 9 8 updates
  • make sure ul has the same margin as p
  • add dates n taxonomy to any blog-type posts
  • i have a bit of javascript on the welcome message, but forgot to mention it in the intro post
  • the blog post header is the same as the Failte header, and that doesn't look right
  • also, the spacing between the welcome message and the blog post needs to be greater
  • sort out the layout, the 50/50 split doesn't scale very well at mid-size
  • google analytics?
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