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BannersBroker (which eventually turned out to be a scam) modelling and simulation software in Python


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BannersBroker modelling and simulation software in Python

Author: Robert Nowotniak

CAUTION: I do NOT recommend nor discourage anyone to invest their money in BannersBoker. The presented scientific model and simulation software have been written in truly objective and neutral point of view. Clearly, it is possible to make big money with BannersBroker very quickly (as of autumn 2012). However, there are numerous strong premises that BannersBroker is a Ponzi scheme. Make conscious and wise decision!

In August 2012, I created a mathematical model (based on discrete dynamical system) and the simulator software for account management in BannersBroker (BB). -- Initially, I've been encouraged to run a paid site, allowing BB users to carry out calculations and simulations of account management strategies.

Finally, I came to the conclusion, that I should no longer invest my time and work (which I already put in a lot) in something I'm not going to be seriously involved with (for various reasons) in the future. Therefore, I decided to publish the results of all of my work in this area.

The simulator allows creating long-term forecasts, and to perform simulations and optimization of a single account management in BannersBroker. In the simulator, all rules of single account management have been implemented: monthly membership fees, traffic packs, limits (macro and color banks), 5+2:1 principle, panel types: purchased, repurchased, complimentary and roll-up. The software allows to simulate Standard and Premium subscription types. Reliability and accuracy of the simulations have been verified in practice, i.e. on several real BannersBroker user accounts, from August 2012 to the present.

The code is organized as follows:

  1. -- the main code of the simulator
  2. -- plots generator

I decided to release this software on General Public License (GPL), which allows everyone to use it for free, for any purpose (and without any guarantee).

I'm open to possible cooperation. For example, I'm able to perform paid forecasts, analysis or account management strategy optimization. Don't hesitate to contact me in such situations.

Also, I'm highly interested in writing a scientific paper (concerning analysis of BannersBroker as a possible Ponzi scheme) to some peer-reviewed economic journal. If you are an economist, and you would like to collaborate and co-author the paper, please write me a message!

Theoretical model of BannersBroker account management




Typical usage of the provided Python classes:

from bannersbroker import *

account = Account(325)
manager = AccountManager(account)

strategy = RobertStrategy()

sim = BBSimulation(manager, strategy) = 13)

Simulation details will be printed to the standard output for further analysis. creates a plot for the simulation. For example, by default,

$ python > data.txt
$ python   

creates the following plot:


Examples: Selected simulations

11 yellow + 3 purple panels


5 blue + 15 purple + 35 yellow panels



BannersBroker (which eventually turned out to be a scam) modelling and simulation software in Python