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RIF Name Service

Implementation for Registry, Registrar, Deed and Resolver for the RIF Name Service

For more information see the documentation.

Mainnet deployment

Details of the registry in the documentation site.

Testnet deployment

See RNS Testnet documentation section for testing environment variants and information.

Install Truffle

sudo npm install -g truffle
npm install

For details see Truffle Docs

Install Package

If Truffle is already installed run:

npm install


Deploy to local ganache-cli:

truffle deploy --network dev

Deploy to local RSK node

truffle deploy --network rsk


Test on local ganache-cli:

truffle test --network dev

Test on local RSK node:

truffle test --network rsk



Implementation of the Registry contract, it provides a simple mapping between a domain and its Resolver. Everything related to a domain ownership is managed in this contract, including ownership transfer and sub-domain creation.


Implementation of the Registrar, it handles the auction process for each subnode of the node it owns.


Implementation of the Deed, it holds RIF tokens in exchange for ownership of a node.


Implementation of a simple resolver anyone can use; only allows the owner of a node to set its address.


For more information see RNS Docs


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