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pragma solidity ^0.5.2;
import "../registry/AbstractRNS.sol";
import "./AbstractPublicResolver.sol";
import "./AbstractMultiChainResolver.sol";
import "../util/AddressHelper.sol";
contract MultiChainResolver is AbstractMultiChainResolver {
AbstractRNS rns;
AbstractPublicResolver publicResolver;
AddressHelper addressHelper;
mapping (bytes32 => bytes32) contents;
mapping (bytes32 => mapping (bytes8 => ChainAddress)) chainAddresses;
bytes4 constant ADDR_SIGN = 0x3b3b57de;
bytes4 constant CONTENT_SIGN = 0x2dff6941;
bytes4 constant CHAIN_ADDR_SIGN = 0x8be4b5f6;
bytes4 constant RSK_CHAIN_ID = 0x80000089;
event ContentChanged (bytes32 node, bytes32 content);
event ChainMetadataChanged (bytes32 node, bytes4 chain, bytes32 metadata);
struct ChainAddress {
bytes32 metadata;
string addr;
modifier onlyOwner (bytes32 node) {
require(rns.owner(node) == msg.sender);
constructor (AbstractRNS _rns, AbstractPublicResolver _publicResolver) public {
rns = _rns;
publicResolver = _publicResolver;
addressHelper = new AddressHelper();
function () external {
function supportsInterface (bytes4 interfaceId) public pure returns (bool) {
return ((interfaceId == ADDR_SIGN) || (interfaceId == CONTENT_SIGN) || interfaceId == (CHAIN_ADDR_SIGN));
function addr (bytes32 node) public view returns (address) {
string memory _addr = chainAddresses[node][RSK_CHAIN_ID].addr;
if (bytes(_addr).length > 0) {
return addressHelper.stringToAddress(_addr);
return publicResolver.addr(node);
function setAddr (bytes32 node, address addrValue) public onlyOwner(node) {
chainAddresses[node][RSK_CHAIN_ID].addr = addressHelper.addressToString(addrValue);
emit AddrChanged(node, addrValue);
function content (bytes32 node) public view returns (bytes32) {
bytes32 _content = contents[node];
if (_content != 0) {
return _content;
return publicResolver.content(node);
function setContent (bytes32 node, bytes32 contentValue) public onlyOwner(node) {
contents[node] = contentValue;
emit ContentChanged(node, contentValue);
function chainAddr (bytes32 node, bytes4 chain) public view returns (string memory) {
return chainAddresses[node][chain].addr;
function setChainAddr (bytes32 node, bytes4 chain, string memory addrValue) public onlyOwner(node) {
chainAddresses[node][chain].addr = addrValue;
if (chain == RSK_CHAIN_ID) {
address _addr = addressHelper.stringToAddress(addrValue);
emit AddrChanged(node, _addr);
} else {
emit ChainAddrChanged(node, chain, addrValue);
function chainMetadata (bytes32 node, bytes4 chain) public view returns (bytes32) {
return chainAddresses[node][chain].metadata;
function setChainMetadata (bytes32 node, bytes4 chain, bytes32 metadataValue) public onlyOwner(node) {
chainAddresses[node][chain].metadata = metadataValue;
emit ChainMetadataChanged(node, chain, metadataValue);
function chainAddrAndMetadata (bytes32 node, bytes4 chain) public view returns (string memory, bytes32) {
ChainAddress storage chainAddress = chainAddresses[node][chain];
return (chainAddress.addr, chainAddress.metadata);
function setChainAddrWithMetadata (bytes32 node, bytes4 chain, string memory addrValue, bytes32 metadataValue) public onlyOwner(node) {
setChainAddr(node, chain, addrValue);
setChainMetadata(node, chain, metadataValue);
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