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// RNMDView.m
// RNMDParser
// Created by Ryan Nystrom on 11/12/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Ryan Nystrom. All rights reserved.
#import "RNMDView.h"
#import <CoreText/CoreText.h>
@implementation RNMDView
- (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aDecoder {
if (self = [super initWithCoder:aDecoder]) {
_markdown = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:@"Placeholder"];
return self;
- (void)setMarkdown:(NSAttributedString *)markdown {
_markdown = markdown;
[self setNeedsDisplay];
- (void)dealloc {
self.markdown = nil;
- (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect {
[super drawRect:rect];
// drawrect sample used from
// We're about to start the drawing. Save the graphics context because
// we're going to be doing some stuff to it and will want to return the
// graphics context to its original state when we're done.
CGContextRef ctx = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext();
// Flip the coordinate plane. In iOS the origin is at the top left but in
// the core API the origin in at the bottom left. Therefore we need to
// flip the coordinate plane so everything turns out right.
CGContextConcatCTM(ctx, CGAffineTransformScale(CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation(0, self.bounds.size.height), 1.f, -1.f));
// Creates an immutable framesetter object from an attributed string. The
// resultant framesetter object can be used to create and fill text frames
// with the CTFramesetterCreateFrame call. At this point the framesetter
// object contains the fully typeset string. It just needs to know the size
// and shape on the container it will be placed into.
CTFramesetterRef framesetter = CTFramesetterCreateWithAttributedString((__bridge CFAttributedStringRef)self.markdown);
// Here is where we define the size and shape of the container for the
// string we want to display. This takes the form of a path object. In this
// case the path is simply the rectable of this view.
CGMutablePathRef path = CGPathCreateMutable();
CGPathAddRect(path, NULL, self.bounds);
// Create a frame full of glyphs in the shape of the path provided by the
// path parameter.
CTFrameRef textFrame = CTFramesetterCreateFrame(framesetter, CFRangeMake(0,0), path, NULL);
// Decrement the retain count of the path and framesetter.
// Actually draw the frame into the context.
CTFrameDraw(textFrame, ctx);
// We're done. Restore the graphics context to its original state.