Very simple app to keep an eye on World Cup 2014 matches.
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World Cup 2014 for iOS

This is a stupid-simple app for iOS that reads World Cup data from World Cup ... in JSON which is made by the gang at software for good. It was a hacked-together app that was built in a couple days because I was bored and I didn't have a wicked fast World Cup app.

There is some hacky code in here. I'm not open sourcing this because it's a perfect project. I'm open sourcing this because it's a real app made by a real person for a real problem. Sometimes it's just about building.


Special thanks to these wonderful projects for making my life easier (and why I used them)

Facebook Pop

Amazing, lifelike animations. As with all animations, you should be judicious with how you use animations. Really put some thought into why you're animating something. Once you know you need an animation, then you use Pop.

If you like my animations or want to learn more, come see my presentation at 360 iDev this year.


Very unlike me, I only used this in one place. Traditionally I use RAC all over the place so I imported it by habit.


Krzysztof Zabłocki made JSON -> NSObject mapping a breeze. I probably could have used Mantle's solutions, but I added Mantle later on for persistence, after I had already implemented my mapping. In my opinion this is kind of a code smell and should be refactored. But hey, it works.


NSCoding out of the box with no effort from me. I then slap my object map into NSUserDefaults on app termination.

As an aside, storing data in NSUserDefaults is a terrible idea on paper, but, I think that you should always think about implementation speed vs. use-case. If your data isn't sensitive or large, storing it in the file system as an object graph dump is fine. You don't need Core Data to solve every data problem, it can be overkill.

Drew McCormack has done some research on JSON vs SQLite performance and raw data sizes. Long story short is that JSON doesn't suck.


I love you guys so much.