A GitHub project manager app for iOS.
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The simplest way to read and respond to your GitHub notifications on iOS.


GitHawk is a small iOS app that makes managing GitHub accounts and projects a little easier. It exists because GitHub's mobile interface is missing features and is slow.

It is also proof that you can build rather complicated Swift apps with IGListKit.


  • Push IGListKit + Swift to its limits
  • Enable project management on mobile
  • Explore GitHub's GraphQL API
  • Scratch my Swift-itch
  • Create a real, complex app in the open


GitHawk will be released with (at least) a three-phased rollout:

  1. Basic, "read only" version.
    • Read notifications for PRs and Issues
    • React to comments
    • Mark notifications as read
  2. Add replies to PRs and Issues
    • Close, lock, and re-open PRs and Issues
    • Label PRs and Issues
  3. Repo management
    • Browse & create Issues
    • Browse PRs
    • Create & delete labels
  4. Northstar
    • Browse PR content
    • Accept, reject, and merge PRs
    • 🚀

Open Source & Copying

I ship GitHawk on the App Store for free and provide its entire source code for free as well. In the spirit of openness, I have licensed my work under MIT so that you can use my code in your app, if you choose.

However, I ask that you please do not ship this app under your own account. Paid or free.


⚠️ This repo is moving fast! ⚠️

If you would like to test the latest changes, you can join the TestFlight by sending your e-mail address to @_ryannystrom in a DM on Twitter.

I'm happy to take PRs, but I'm working off of master at the moment, and your PR might go stale quick. Be warned!

You'll also need a Client ID and Client Secret.

Once this is released and development slows down I might get more formal about our work. Until then, its the wild, wild west.