Blank Roadiz theme - This theme is meant to get a fresh start to create a theme.
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Base Roadiz theme

Build Status

This theme is meant to get a fresh start to create a custom website on Roadiz.

Compatible with Internet Explorer 11+

Get started

Make sure that NodeJS and NPM are installed on your machine.

Generate a new theme with Test as your theme prefix

bin/roadiz themes:generate Test
cd themes/TestTheme
# Install JS dependencies with npm or Yarn

We provide a starter kit based on ES6 with Webpack3, Babel, Scss and Gulp as task runner. Feel free to adapt it if you have your own coding workflow. Keep in mind that we inject built CSS and JS into partial Twig templates to get versioned file names.



yarn run dev

Watch js, scss, images and svg changes in app/ folder, then build.

yarn run dev-livereload

Same functionnalities as above but with browser livereload.


yarn run build

Build all assets in app/ folder, optimized and minified. After a build, you are ready to deploy to production site.



This folder is not publicly visible.. It stores all your source files (fonts, js, scss, images and svg).


This folder will be symlinked in your Roadiz Standard edition web/ folder, you should not store sensitive data here.

IMPORTANT: Do not add any files in static/img, static/js, static/svg, static/css, static/fonts, static/vendors.


This folder stores all build configurations, webpack configuration and gulp tasks.


JS + Starting blocks

We externalized all the JS logic and routing system into our Starting blocks framework so that your theme only host specific JS code and will be able to easily upgrade common JS features.

We encourage you to read Starting Blocks README to understand how we route and synchronize our Twig generated DOM with our ES6 scripts. You can find a detailled API documentation at

In development, all JS files are preprocessed with Babel, linted and a sourcemap is created.
In production, these files are also minified and optimized (uglifyJs, mangle) and the sourcemap is removed.

Attention: Starting-Block is using window.fetch since version 4.0.0. Make sure your compatibility chart will match or simply use a polyfill.

Scss + Bootstrap 4

When you create a new SCSS file in app/scss/, you have to include it in app/scss/style.scss, which is your main project stylesheet.

We use Bootstrap 4 right in BaseTheme but you can choose what feature to include in your style not to bloat your CSS files. Open your app/scss/bootstrap-custom.scss file and comment/uncomment/import your Bootstrap modules files, you even can override Bootstrap variables.

In development, all SCSS files are merged into one CSS file and a sourcemap is created.
In production, this file is minified and optimized (postcss, autoprefixer) and the sourcemap is removed.


All images in app/img/ can be required in CSS, JS or in Twig files.

// app/scss/base/_common.scss
background: url('../../img/mybackground.png');

or JS

import myBackground from '../img/mybackground.png'

Images are automatically processed by webpack and copied in static/img. So you can easly use in Twig files.

Under config.limit_image_size, required image will be transformed into dataUrl.


All SVG files in app/svg/ folder will be processed by Gulp, minified with SVGO and injected in Resources/views/svg/sprite.svg.twig as <defs> element, which is injected in base.html.twig.

To include a new SVG to your site, move your SVG to app/svg/myicon.svg and, in any Twig template

<use xlink:href="#icon-myicon"/>


Versioning is really important in order to avoid browser and public cache problems after a site update.

While you run npm run build, Webpack will generate a random generated name suffix for each file and require CSS and JS files in Resources/views/base.html.twig template.

Customize build tasks

All build configurations are in build/config/. base.js file contains general configurations which you can override according NODE_ENV in environments.js.

For example, while you run npm run build, NODE_ENV is equal to production :

// package.json

"betterScripts": {
    "build": {
      "command": "npm run build-svg && webpack",
      "env": {
        "NODE_ENV": "production",
        "DEBUG": "Roadiz-front:*"

So the configuration is overriden like this :

// environments.js

export default {
    production: (config) => ({
        devtool: false

Webpack configuration works the same. build/build/base.js exports a common webpack configuration which you can override in build/build/environments.js

Feel free to add other custom NODE_ENV like staging, testing...

important note : When you start npm run dev-livereload task, Webpack watch the files every 1000ms. You can change this interval in config.watchInterval.


By default, you have access to 3 constants in your Javascript code. These can be useful to display or not a loader, an authentification form, etc... or to set API paths and override them in production configuration :

// build/config/base.js
    globals: {
        'DEVELOPMENT': JSON.stringify(config.env === 'development'),
        'PRODUCTION': JSON.stringify(config.env === 'production'),
        'ENV': JSON.stringify(config.env)
// any js file  
  // show loader


BaseTheme will provide you some ready-made Twig templates, styles and ES6 classes.

  • A basic block is available with its Twig template. All you need is to create the node-type in your Roadiz back-office.
  • A map block is available with its Twig template. All you need is to create the node-type in your Roadiz back-office.
  • A contact form block is available with its controller and Twig templates. All you need is to create the node-type in your Roadiz back-office.


A common node-type called Page will be installed with this theme, his controller is located in Controllers/PageController.php and his twig template in Resources/views/types/page.html.twig. We also created a SCSS (app/scss/pages/page.scss) and a javascript file (app/src/pages/Page.js) for this node-type. If you need others node-type, duplicate theses files and rename them.

ES6 classes

  • BasicBlock.js
  • ContactBlock.js with an AJAX form submit
  • MapBlock.js with a Google Map creation
  • Nav.js with AJAX update for your active nav-item


See Contributing guidelines