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Base Roadiz theme

Build Status

This theme is meant to get a fresh start to create a custom website on Roadiz.
Requires rezozero/tree-walker library to deal with navigation and page blocks templating.

Get started

Make sure that NodeJS, NPM and Yarn are installed on your machine.

Generate a new theme with Test as your theme prefix

bin/roadiz themes:generate --relative --symlink Test
cd themes/TestTheme
# Install JS dependencies with npm or Yarn
yarn && yarn run build

We provide a starter kit based on ES6 with Webpack, VueJS, Scss, Typescript. Feel free to adapt it if you have your own coding workflow. Keep in mind that we inject built CSS and JS into partial Twig templates to get versioned file names.

Register BaseTheme services

Base service will provide some Twig image formats and a PathGeneration subscriber for NSLink node-type. This will also register new asset package to be able to use {{ asset('js/file.js', 'BaseTheme') }} Twig function.

Do not forget to add the following lines to your app/AppKernel.php file:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function register(\Pimple\Container $container)

     * Add your own service providers.
    $container->register(new \Themes\BaseTheme\Services\BaseThemeServiceProvider());

Install front dependencies

cd themes/TestTheme

Change front config (proxy)

// themes/TestTheme/vue.config.js
// Change followed line to match with your php local server ip

    target: ''

You can use your Roadiz .env to expose APP_PORT variable.

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

yarn serve
## Then open ``

Basic dev with watch mode (no live reload)

yarn dev

Compiles and minify for production

yarn build

Lints and fixes files

yarn lint

Analyse build files

yarn analyse

Two files will be generated in static folder


@/ or ~/ can be used for root sources access Example: import EventBus from '~/utils/EventBus' Or: import { SWIPER } from '@/config/contants'


We use decorators and vue class component, see :

It also possible to use jsx. You just need to create file with .tsx extension do not forget to create a render function.

Dynamic component import

You can dynamically import component as follow

// ...
import MainNavigation from './components/Navigation/Navigation'

    components: {
        // Standard import
        // Dynamic import with component naming (for browser dev tools)
        // If you prefix the component with "async-" the component will be not prefetch
        // To disable prefetch use: /* webpackChunkName: "async-group-carousel" */ 
        GroupCarousel: () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "group-carousel" */'./components/GroupCarousel/GroupCarousel')
export default class App extends Vue {
    // ...

Dynamic components will be automatically loaded when corresponding tag are founded



If you need to use utility library like lodash, please import only required functions (for treeshaking) Example:

import map from 'lodash/map'
// or
import uniq from 'lodash/uniq'


Use snake case to name your block in twig file

{% block inner_content %}
    {# ... #}
{% endblock %}

Use single quotes (for visibility between variables and declarations) Ex:

{% include '@TestTheme/svg/use.svg.twig' with {
    'icon': 'facebook'
} only %}

Customize configuration

See Configuration Reference.


BaseTheme will provide you some ready-made Twig templates, styles and ES6 classes.

  • A page node-type is available with its Twig template.
  • A link node-type is available with its Twig template and its event subscriber to rewrite URL.
  • A content block is available with its Twig template.
  • A map block is available with its Twig template. All you need is to create the node-type in your Roadiz back-office.
  • A contact form block is available with its controller and Twig templates.


A common node-type called Page will be installed with this theme, his controller is located in Controllers/PageController.php and his twig template in Resources/views/types/page.html.twig. If you need others node-type, duplicate theses files and rename them.

Blueprints, UI and grid helpers

BaseTheme has several frontend helpers available from keystrokes 8, 9 and 0 when you are using Roadiz devMode:

  • 8 will display your blueprints images over you website.
  • 9 will display your UI components
  • 0 will display your grid

Change these helpers in @BaseTheme/dev/dev.html.twig template


See Contributing guidelines