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Building contact forms

With Roadiz you can easily create simple contact forms with ContactFormManager class. Your controller has a convenient shortcut to create this manager with $this->createContactFormManager() method.

If you want to add your own fields, you can use the manager’ form-builder with $contactFormManager->getFormBuilder();. Then add your field using standard Symfony form syntax. Do not forget to use Constraints to handle errors.

One contact-form for one action

Here is an example to create your contact form in your controller action.

In this example, we used withDefaultFields method which add automatically email, name and message fields with right validation contraints. This method is optional and you can add any field you want manually, just keep in mind that you should always ask for an email.

Add session messages to your assignations:

// Get session messages
$this->assignation['session']['messages'] = $this->get('session')

Then in your contact page Twig template

Using contact-form in block controllers

If you want to use contact-forms in blocks instead of a full page, you will need to make your redirection response bubble through Twig render. The only way to stop Twig is to throw an exception and to pass your Redirect or Json response within your Exception.

Roadiz makes this possible with RZ\Roadiz\Core\Exceptions\ForceResponseException. For example, in a Themes\MyAwesomeTheme\Controllers\Blocks\ContactBlockController, instead of returning the contactFormManager response, you will have to throw a ForceResponseException with it as an argument.

Then, in your master controller (i.e. PageController), render method will automatically catch your ForceResponseException exception in order to extract the forced response object. Then it will return your response instead of your page twig rendered output.

Securing your form with Google reCAPTCHA

Roadiz can seamlessly use Google reCAPTCHA to secure your contact form against robots. All you need to do is to register on to ask for a sitekey and a secret. Once you’ve got these two keys, add them to your Roadiz settings.


Then, just use withGoogleRecaptcha() method on your contact-form manager.

// Create contact-form manager, add 3 default fields and add a reCAPTCHA.
$contactFormManager = $this->createContactFormManager()

Do not forget to add recaptcha form-template and to embed google’s javascript.

<script src=''></script>
{# In your theme’ forms.html.twig file #}
{% block recaptcha_widget -%}
    <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="{{ configs.publicKey }}"></div>
{%- endblock recaptcha_widget %}