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Empty caches manually for an environment

If you experience errors only on a dedicated environment such as prod, dev or install, it means that cache is not fresh for these environments. As a first try, you should always call bin/roadiz cache:clear -e prod; (replace prod by your environment) in command line.

If you still get errors from a specific env and you are using an OPcode cache or var cache (APC, XCache), call clear_cache.php entry point from your browser or execute curl http://localhost/clear_cache.php from your command line.

Problem with entities and Doctrine cache?

After each Roadiz upgrade you should always upgrade your node-sources entity classes and upgrade database schema.

bin/roadiz generate:nsentities;
bin/roadiz orm:schema-tool:update --dump-sql --force;
bin/roadiz cache:clear -e prod;

If you are using a OPCode var cache like APC, XCache, you should purge it as Roadiz stores doctrine configuration there for better performances, call clear_cache.php entry point from your browser or curl http://localhost/clear_cache.php from your command line.

Running Roadiz behind a reverse proxy

If you are behind a reverse-proxy like Varnish or Nginx proxy on a Docker environment, IP addresses, domain name and proto (https/http) could not be correctly set. So you will have to tell Roadiz to trust your proxy in order to use X_FORWARDED_* env vars.

Add this line to your index.php and preview.php files after $request = Request::createFromGlobals(); line.

$request = Request::createFromGlobals(); // Existing line to get request
// Trust incoming request IP as your reverse proxy for only X_FORWARDED… headers.

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