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Roadiz node system implements several events. So you will be able to create and inject your own event subscribers inside Roadiz dispatcher.

To understand how the event dispatcher works, you should read the Symfony documentation at before.

Nodes events

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeCreatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeUpdatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeDeletedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeUndeletedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeDuplicatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodePathChangedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeTaggedEvent::class: This event is triggered for tag and un-tag action.
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeVisibilityChangedEvent::class: This event is triggered each time a node becomes visible or unvisible.
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Node\NodeStatusChangedEvent::class: This event is triggered each time a node status changes.

Each node event object contains the current Node entity. You will get it using $event->getNode().

NodesSources events


  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\NodesSources\NodesSourcesCreatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\NodesSources\NodesSourcesPreUpdatedEvent::class: This event is dispatched BEFORE entity manager FLUSHED.
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\NodesSources\NodesSourcesUpdatedEvent::class: This event is dispatched AFTER entity manager FLUSHED.
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\NodesSources\NodesSourcesDeletedEvent::class

Each node-source event object contains the current NodesSources entity. You will get it using $event->getNodeSource().

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\NodesSources\NodesSourcesIndexingEvent::class: This event type is dispatched during Solr indexation. Your event will be \RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\FilterSolariumNodeSourceEvent and it will allow you to alter or improve your Solr index according to your node-source type.


You will find a simple subscriber example in Roadiz back-office theme which is called Themes\Rozier\Events\SolariumSubscriber. This subscriber is useful to update or delete your Solr index documents against your node-source database.

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\NodesSources\NodesSourcesPathGeneratingEvent::class: This event type is dispatched when the node-router generate a path for your node-source using {{ path() }} Twig method or $this->urlGenerator->generate() controller method. The default subscriber will generate the complete hierarchical path for any node-source using their identifier (available url-alias or node’ name).

Tags events

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Tag\TagCreatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Tag\TagUpdatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Tag\TagDeletedEvent::class

Each tag event object contains the current Tag entity. You will get it using $event->getTag().

Folders events

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Folder\FolderCreatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Folder\FolderUpdatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Folder\FolderDeletedEvent::class

Each folder event object contains the current Folder entity. You will get it using $event->getFolder().

Translations events

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Translation\TranslationCreatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Translation\TranslationUpdatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\Translation\TranslationDeletedEvent::class

Each folder event object contains the current Translation entity. You will get it using $event->getTranslation().

UrlAlias events

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\UrlAlias\UrlAliasCreatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\UrlAlias\UrlAliasUpdatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\UrlAlias\UrlAliasDeletedEvent::class

Each folder event object contains the current UrlAlias entity. You will get it using $event->getUrlAlias().

User events

  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\User\UserCreatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\User\UserUpdatedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\User\UserDeletedEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\User\UserDisabledEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\User\UserEnabledEvent::class
  • RZ\Roadiz\CoreBundle\Event\User\UserPasswordChangedEvent::class

Each folder event object contains the current User entity. You will get it using $event->getUser().