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@yetanotherchris yetanotherchris released this Jul 23, 2015 · 280 commits to master since this release

What's new

This release was originally from Jan 2014. It's been retro-fitted into Github.

Note: if you're upgrading from version 1.7, please use

Version 2 of Roadkill introduces a number of new features:

  • Roadkill is now .NET 4.5 and MVC 5
  • Language support for Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, German, Dutch - thanks to the contributors for these.
  • Bootstrap 3 support
  • UI refresh with a new responsive theme.
  • Redesigned editor with a side-by-side preview
  • New plugin framework for text plugins (for custom tokens) and Special: url support.
  • A RESTful api (currently experimental and admins only - looking for feedback)
  • Add custom HTML head content (add web fonts, Google analytics etc.).
  • Customise the navigation menu
  • Screwturn v3 import support
  • SQL Export (data backup) tool

Documentation is now online at

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