Real-time object synchronization over the transport of your choice
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This is very much a work in progress. The sections below detail where I would like to see this library go.

Realtime Object Synchronization

Based on the techniques:

motion.js provides a platform for realtime synchronization between multiple clients and authoritative server(s). This is accomplished by the following sections.


While the server is running it is simulating a scene, it is periodically taking snapshots of the changes that have occurred to the scene since the last snapshot. These snapshots (see: Delta Compression) are pushed to all of the clients on a constant interval.

Meanwhile on the client, the same scene is being simulated. On an interval (affected by network latency) the client receives the latest snapshot from the server and applies (over time) the changes that have occurred to the scene on the server on the local scene. In other words, the client's scene is continually trying to catch up with the server's scene.

If there are entities in the client's scene that the user can control, each of the actions performed by the client are queued and pushed to the client on a regular interval. When the server receives these commands it looks back in time to ensure that the each of the client's commands would have been valid when they were created. If the current command is valid, the command/action is applied to the servers scene. The client is notified that the command was successful on the next snapshot.