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Laelaps is a small-scale wheeled robot ideal for academic research and light-payload applications. Laelaps is compact and versatile by design, yet elegant and agile in its control and maneuverability.

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Laelaps is dedicated to users who look for a small multipurpose mobile robot base:

  • Outdoor/Indoor
  • Dimensions: 15" x 16" x 6"
  • 20+ lbs (10 kg) Payload Support
  • Customizable Top Plate for Unique Payload mounting Hardware

Small Scale, Wheeled Robot

Laelaps is a small-scale, multipurpose, wheeled payload platform designed by RoadNarrows Robotics LLC to meet the demands for a reliable, customizable, and easily controllable mobile platform. Laelaps's compact design and easy-to-use control interface make it ideal for academic research, mobile robotics applications, or even payload transportation. Laelaps fits into the Kuon family of robot platforms as the physically smallest of the family. However, it maintains all the same processing power, versatility, and software architecture as the larger robots in the family. Laelaps is a great inexpensive and low risk option for developing and testing algorithms before migrating to a larger Kuon platform, without having to sacrifice project design or code development time.

Versatile and Compact

RoadNarrows has designed the Laelaps platform to serve as a robot that is capable of maneuvering safely through a variety of environmental conditions and confined spaces that other large-scale platforms cannot reach. In addition to Laelaps's ability to maneuver in tight spaces, the chassis is designed to be watertight up to the level of its sensors and can protect its own electronic components from weathering elements that threaten its environment. Customers can customize the top deck or utilize the standard 80/20® framing to provide a secure mounting platform for sensitive payloads during operation.

Elegant Control

Controlled by an Xbox 360 controller (the default Human Interface Device) or virtually any other HID, the user can manually direct Laelaps through its environment with delicate precision. By providing joystick control, RoadNarrows offers an intuitive and precise way to maneuver the robot around corners and through tight spaces. In addition to motion control, Laelaps's controls include button and trigger options that allow the user to further customize his/her input for maximum efficiency and control. These buttons can also be customized to include controls for payloads, such as the Eudoxus™ 3D Vision Development Sensor.

Wireless Connectivity

With the ability to maneuver through confined spaces and operate for extended periods of time, Laelaps is ideal for applications in environments where humans or large-scale robots cannot go. Therefore, Laelaps comes standard with WiFi connectivity, allowing the user to complete tasks at distances that are only limited by a wireless network's range. Additionally, with the wireless video-streaming web-cam, users can control Laelaps without having the robot in sight, navigating the robot around obstacles from the comfort of a remote terminal. This aspect of the design makes Laelaps a highly adaptable robot that can be used for any number of remote applications.

ROS Supported

As with all of RoadNarrows platforms, Laelaps is compatible with the Robot Operating System (ROS). ROS provides a standardized framework allowing easy integration of robots, sensors, and computing platforms to solve complex problems through the combination of simple ROS-enabled components. The Laelaps ROS interface exposes all functionality of the Laelaps as services, subscriptions, and action servers. The control interface also publishes extensive state data on every aspect of the Laelaps platform.