Dynamically add forms to your site through the admin interface.
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Dynamically add forms to your site through the admin interface.

With django-dynamicforms you can:

  • add forms through the admin interface
  • add (custom) form fields through the admin interface
  • reuse form fields in different forms
  • customize predefined forms through the admin interface
  • send personalized e-mails to submitters of dynamicforms
  • download data posted to forms as CSV


  • pip install django-dynamicforms
  • add 'dynamicforms' to your INSTALLED_APPS
  • add (r'^dynamicforms/', include('dynamicforms.urls')) to your urls.py


django >= 1.3, html2text


There are two optional settings: DYNAMICFORM_TYPES and DYNAMICFIELD_TYPES, which define custom form and field types respectively. For example:

    'newsletter-subscription': {
        'VERBOSE_NAME':   'Newsletter subscription',
        'BASE_FORM':      'newsletters.forms.SubscriptionForm',
        'SUCCESS_URL':    '/newsletter/thanks/',
        'TEMPLATE':       'dynamicforms/form.html',
        'TAG_TEMPLATE':   'dynamicforms/_form.html',
        'EMAIL_TEMPLATE': 'dynamicforms/notification.html',

    'phone': {
        'VERBOSE_NAME': 'Phone number',
        'FIELD':        'phone.forms.PhoneField',
        'HAS_CHOICES':  False,
        'DEFAULT':      '',
        'WIDGET':       'django.forms.TextInput'

Response e-mails are sent from settings.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL. Notification e-mails are sent from settings.SERVER_EMAIL.


Template tag

Every form has its own page, but can also be included in other pages with:

{% load dynamicform_tags %}
{% show_dynamicform %}

It will always post to its own url, though, and validation errors will have to be corrected there.


The templates used to render dynamicforms can be overridden by custom form types, but default to: - dynamicforms/form.html for the form url - dynamicforms/_form.html for the template tag - dynamicforms/notification.eml for the notification e-mail


  • adapt labels/help_text/… of (predefined) base form fields
  • nicer report of data
  • optional integration with messages framework
  • dynamicformwizard
  • better/more tests