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A workbench project to demonstrate how to write UI tests in a Spring Boot 2 application using Selenium and a headless Chrome running in a Container.
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Testcontainers Workbench

This workbench demonstrates how to write UI tests for Spring Boot 2 applications using Selenium and a headless Chrome, that is running in a container provided by the Testcontainers library.

…​ what it’s doing

The Spring Boot 2 application itself consists of two pages. On the first page a name is entered into a form and printed back on the second page.

…​ how it’s build

The project is using Gradle as build tool.

…​ how it’s run

Please note that the combination of testcontainers and Spring Boot 2 is not fully compatible with Java 9+ and will throw a IllegalAccessException at startup. However the test will still run.

The application can be started by ./gradlew clean bootRun. After the startup finished, the form can be accessed at http://localhost:8080.

However since this workbench project is more about the test setup you will more likely run the tests. This can be accomplished by ./gradlew clean check. For demonstration purpose the output of the test execution will be shown.

After the test you will find a video showing the test.

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