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phpCricket library for Roanuz Cricket API

phpCricket library for Php using Roanuz Cricket API's. Easy to install and simple way to access all Roanuz Cricket API's. Its a Php library for showing Live Cricket Score, Cricket Schedule and Statistics.

Get Started

  1. Clone the php-Cricket Github project by using


    Install the phpCricket using Composer. Follow the below instructions.

    i) Download and install Composer by following the official instructions.
    ii) Create a composer.json defining your dependencies inside your project root directory.

    // Copy this content into your composer.json file.
     "repositories": [
             "url": "",
             "type": "git"
       "minimum-stability" : "dev",
       "prefer-stable" : true,
       "require-dev": {
         "roanuz/php-cricket": "dev-master"

    iii) Run Composer: composer require --dev roanuz/php-cricket

    iv) You can find the phpCricket library(roanuz/php-cricket) inside the vendor folder.

  2. Create a Cricket API App here My APP Login

  3. Pass the required app credentials as below.

    Config Section

    // Create a new php file under your root directory. Inside that use this code.
    require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
    $phpCricket = new PhpCricket\PhpCriclib('your_access_key', 'your_secret_key', 'your_app_id', 'unique_device_id');
  4. After Completing Authentication you can successfully access the API's.


    // For getting particular match details.
    $getMatch = $phpCricket->getMatch('dev_season_2014_q1', 'summary_card');
    echo json_encode($getMatch); //Return Match Information in JSON format
    // For getting schedule details
    $getSchedule = $phpCricket->getSchedule('2013-05');
    echo json_encode($getSchedule); // Return Schedule Information in JSON format

To get the Live Score updates, you need to purchase the plan on CricketAPI Plans

Need More Code reference ?

Dive in to this file. Example Code to Access Roanuz Cricket API's

Here is List of Roanuz Cricket API's

Roanuz Cricket API

This Library uses the Roanuz Cricket API for fetching cricket scores and stats. Learn more about Litzscore Cricket API on . Feel free to contact their amazing support team, if you got struck.

###Support If you any question, please contact litzscore support


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