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py-cricket library for Roanuz Cricket API

py-cricket library for Python using Roanuz Cricket API's. Easy to install and simple way to access all Roanuz Cricket API's. Its a Python library for getting Live Cricket Score, Cricket Schedule and Statistics.

Getting started

  1. Install py-cricket using pip install py-cricket

  2. Create a Cricket API App here My APP Login

  3. Import pycricket and create Authentication using 'RcaFileStorageHandler' or 'RcaStorageHandler' approach.For accessing each API we need to get the 'AccessToken'


    //Use your Cricket API Application details below.
    import pycricket
    handler = pycricket.RcaStorageHandler()
    start = pycricket.RcaApp(access_key="Your_AccessKey", \
                            secret_key="Your_SecretKey", \
                            app_id="Your_APP_ID", \
                            store_handler=handler \
    //RcaFileStorageHandler(from environmental variable)
    Environmental variable:
        RCA_ACCESS_KEY = access_key
        RCA_SECRET_KEY = secret_key
        RCA_APP_ID = app_id
    handler = pycricket.RcaFileStorageHandler()
    start = pycricket.RcaApp(store_handler=handler)
    // After Completing Authentication you can successfully access the API's.
    start.get_match("iplt20_2013_g30") //Return Match information in json format
    start.get_season("dev_season_2014") //Return Season information in json format
    For more free API's visit :

List of Roanuz Cricket API

Roanuz Cricket API

This Library uses the Roanuz Cricket API for fetching cricket scores and stats.
Learn more about Litzscore Cricket API on 


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